Why Blue loot?

  • Up to $55.00 per signup
  • 70%/50% revshare.
  • Hosted video and picture galleries.
  • Embedable Flash.
  • RSS Feeds
  • High converting sites
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Randy Blue

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many of affiliate programs out there. What's different about Blue Loot?
It's the quality of our sites that makes us different. We focus on making sure they convert really well - by having lots of exclusive photography and video content, hot models, great designs and a fair price. Because more people join our sites, our webmasters earn more. Our stats speak for themselves - try us for a week and you will see for yourself!

You pay up to $45 per sign up but some programs pay up to $60 - why will I still earn more with you?
Pay rates are important, of course, but a program's conversion ratios are even more important. For example, if you send 100 visitors to another program, you may get one sign up for $60. If you send the same 100 visitors to one of our exclusive sites, you may get 2-3 sign ups for $45. Overall, you'll make better money with us.What are the other advantages of using Blue Loot?We use multiple processors, which means we can process members in many different countries. Again, this means people are more likely to sign up - and you're more likely to get paid for your traffic. We also offer specialist webmaster support. Many big programs have hundreds of sites in dozens of niches - that's fine, but how much do they know about any one of those niches? We have specialized in gay content for years and we know the gay market. Your account manager can advise you on good sources of traffic, good content providers, resource sites, etc.

Are your stats real time?
yes they are. We instantly post every sales the minute it is approved.

How much can I earn?
There's no maximum. The more traffic you send, the more visitors will join and the more you'll earn. Some of our affiliates earn $1,000s per week. Almost everyone notices an increase in revenue when they switch to BlueLoot.

How and when will I be paid?
We pay out weekly and you can choose whether you would like to be paid by check, bank wire or Epassporte.

How do I know how much I have earned?
Blue Loot has a great stats system that shows you exactly what you've earned. You can check your stats in real time, 24hrs a day 7 days a week. We also have an advanced accounting system so you can see all the payments that have been issued to you in the last 12 months. Also you can sort your stats and use graphs.

Why don't you accept webmasters in my country?
There are two reasons we don't accept webmasters in certain countries. One is legal - we run gay pornographic websites and some countries have laws preventing their citizens promoting these types of sites. The other is fraud prevention.

What promotional tools are available?
We have a great selection of promo tools. Here is a list of them: Embeddable flash movies, Hosted movie galleries, Hosted picture galleries, Movie of the day (flash and java), incredible banner farm, Multiple RSS feeds, Downloadable content and much more. Check out the "tools" section.

Can I make extra money by referring other webmasters to Blue Loot?
Yes, we pay you 15% of whatever they earn - which is double what most programs pay! Many webmasters are earning thousands per week just from webmaster referrals.

Can I link to any page on your site and still have my sales and hits tracked?
Yes you can. For detail on how to do this navigate to the "tools" section "linking codes" and read about how to do this.

What methods of traffic generation can I use?
We accept traffic from banner clicks, pop-up windows, text links, blind links and image links. Any account attempting to falsify joins will be terminated immediately without pay. We also do NOT accept traffic from any illegal sites including warez, child porn, password sites and sites that put spyware/viruses or users systems.

Can I mass mail for your program?
We do not support any form of Email or Newsgroup spamming or spamming of any other type. Opt-in e-mail lists are fine but contact us first.

Can I buy add words and Promote your sites?
Yes you may, however you are not allowed to purchase "Randy Blue, Randyblue". This is a trademarked name and it is not allowed to be purchased. All other keywords are fine.

My country is not in your list. what do I do?
Go ahead and send us an email with your referrals and we will work on getting you on board.

I am an international webmaster, in what currency do I get paid?
All funds are paid in US Dollars.

What is a "pay period"?
Our pay periods begin at 00:01 on Monday morning and end at 0:00 on Sunday evening (EST time).

What are your payouts?
If you have chosen to participate in our per sign up program, you will be paid a minimum of $35 per sign up. If you send more than 11 sign ups in one pay period, you will be paid $40 per sign up for that period. If you send more than 21 sign ups in one pay period, you will be paid $45 per sign up for that period.
If you have chosen to participate in our percentage commission program, you will be paid 65% of the membership revenue you generate for us. Membership revenue is defined as the total membership fees (initial fees and recurring) paid by visitors you send to Blue Loot, less the credit card processing fees incurred by processing those memberships.